Sustainable travels – better for your health, wallet and environment!

Sustainable travels is a collaboration project with eleven organizations in Västernorrland County, in mid-Sweden. The main focus is our employees’ business travels and their journeys to and from work.

Over a period of three years, our organizations spend 500 million crowns on business travels alone. Moreover, the carbon dioxide released from our vehicles have devastating effects. Therefore, a revision of how we travel is a long-term investment for health, economy and the environment. 

In each of our organizations, project leaders in mobility management will work together to reduce our carbon footprints. The idea is to inspire and educate employees to make better travel choices.

Campaigns will help to improve the use of public transport, distance meetings, carpooling, walking and cycling. In addition, the investments made in the project will create better conditions for sustainable travels. Overall, we want to reduce the frequent use of cars and air travel.

We who take part in this project are; Municipalities in Västernorrland, Västernorrland County Council, the Swedish Transport Administration and Västernorrland County Administrative Board. The project is highly prioritized by the European Union and partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Together we can create a better future by reducing our emissions, and work towards healthier personnel and a better economy!


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