Networks and cooperation

Mid Sweden European Office participates in several different networks to foster cooperation with other regions in various areas of interest and to increase the ability to influence the EU.


Northern Sparsely Populated Areas

The regions of the northern parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland share many common challenges, such as shrinking populations, harsh climate as well as long distances. This part of Europe is particularly affected by globalization, climate change and demographic changes.

The Northern Sparsely Populated Areas Network (NSPA) is a collaboration between the four northernmost counties of Sweden, the seven northern and eastern regions of Finland and three regions of northern Norway. These 14 regions share similar conditions and challenges and therefore work together to create awareness about the NSPA-network and influence important policy areas on a european level. 

Northern Sparsely Populated Areas, NSPA

Europaforum Norra Sverige

Europaforum Norra Sverige consist of the four northernmost counties in Sweden and work together to influence the EU. The work is led by twelve rapporteurs, three from each county. To support their work, the rapporteurs have a group of officials with representatives from each county, local authorities, regional representations as well as from the North and Mid Sweden Euroepan Office. 

Europaforum Norra Sverige, EFNS


The Bothnian Corridor

The Botnian corridor is an collaboration between all regions in the north of Sweden and the county of Örebro. The corridors strength comes from its support from local and regional stakeholders and its function as a cross border connection linking south to north, west to east.

The collaborations shared objective is all the way 2030 – in accordance to the TEN-T regulation – and better communications and transport solutions trough broader dialogue and participation from all parts of society when developing the corridor and the use of the corridor.

Bothnian Corridor