Teletal helps you make a phone call

Teletal is a free, nationwide service where you get the support of a third person supplied in the call.

Just call 020-22 11 44

Teletal only interpret in Swedish.

Teletal Logo

Feel free to call Teletal for a trial at no cost and see if it's right for you. It does not have to be a formal conversation. Just call and say hello and determine whether the service is for you.

An interpreter accompanies the call and will help you:

  • Interpret ambiguous terms and difficult words
  • Provides support for memory
  • Documents the conversation and sends it home to you
  • Helping you through telephone exchanges
  • A security and support for you

The interpreter is present throughout the conversation.

You call from your home or mobile number.

There is no need to book the service in advance and no permission is required.

Teletal web site in English

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