AIRY - Artist in Residence

2018-10-15 14:01

AIRY - Artist in Residence Västernorrland is a residency program that includes three residences. The residences are located in three different places in the region, a ceramic residence at Ålsta folkhögskola in Ånge, a sound arts residence at Hola Folkhögskola in Kramfors and a literary residence at Österåsens hälsohem in Sollefteå.

AIRY will give you as an artist or author time for further development, reflection and exploration of your own artistic expression. AIRY will also create opportunities for you to engage with the local area and people, through workshops, lectures, art talks and meetings with other artists or authors in the region. A residence can also lead to an exhibition.

Airy sound arts

Hola Folkhögskola has a long tradition of offering a creative and beautiful environment for people working in the fields of music, sound and art. Through the years Hola Folkhögskola’s Sound Art Course has established a platform for sound art with a practical focus. The course with its network of guest teachers and course leader, Björn Eriksson, is internationally recognised in the audio arts field. The residency offers a combined sound studio with lab space and workshop as well as active hosting that enables access to the regional art life, artist presentations,
performances, installations and interaction with the Sound Art Course.

Ryo Ikeshiro is our sound art artist in residence in 2018

Ryo Ikeshiro is a UK-based Japanese artist and researcher. He is interested in the cultural and political dimension of computational technology, algorithms and media as well as their artistic potential, and his output explores contemporary notions of Otherness as manifested through technology and sound. His practice includes installations and performances using various sound and image formats such as 360-video with spatial audio, multi-channel projections and audio, directional audio, data visualisation and sonification and Teletext, along with interaction and 3D-prints and engravings.

He was part of the Asia Culture Center’s inaugural exhibition in Gwangju, South Korea, and his TeleText art pages have been broadcast on German, Austrian and Swiss national TV. He is a contributor to Sound Art: Sound as a medium of art, a forthcoming publication from ZKM Karlsruhe and he is featured in the Electronic Music volume of the Cambridge Introductions to Music series.

A new call for applications will open in 2019

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Tystnaden i norr lockar japansk ljudkonstnär

(Länk till SVT Nyheter)

Japansk ljudkonstnär besöker Ångermanland

(Länk till Taltidningen Västernorrland)

(In Swedish only)

Björn Eriksson arbetar och undersöker ljud genom lyssnandet, improvisation, inspelning och komposition.

Han gillar att jobba med kollaborativa processer och har varit involverad i internationella projekt som Tapegerm Collective, Sound Injury, Das Kleine Fieldrecordings Festival, Placards (Hörlursfestivaler), Locus Sonus, Sobralasolas!, Avatar Metaverse (AOM) såväl som medverkan i olika konstellationer och improvisations-orkestrar som MäAM, Great Learning Orchestra (AOM) och nu på senare Norrbotten Improvisers Orchestra (NIO).

Björn komponerade ett landskaps-stycke för SR-programmet Elektroniskt i P2 under 2013. Under 2013 och 2014 var Björn inbjuden att presentera arbeten och medverka på den internationella konferensen och festivalen Deep Listening: Art/Science på EMPAC/RPI Troy, NY.

Björn är lärare i ljudkonst och musikproduktion och ljudteknik på Hola folkhögskola. Björn var Artist-In-Residency på GRIM (Groupe de Recherche et d'Improvisation Musicales), Marseille under sommaren 2012 samt hos Carole IONE´s CLAR residency två gånger 2014 och 2015 i Kingston, NY.

Björn har sedan länge varit inspirerad av Pauline Oliveros och hennes arbeten med s.k. Deep Listening-praktiker och har sedan 2013 tagit Deep Listening-studier under Pauline Oliveros, IONE och Heloise Gold m.fl och tog sitt Deep Listening Certifikat 2015. Sommaren 2015 så deltog Björn på The Arctic Midsummer Deep Listening Retreat i Kleiva, Norge.

Under 2016 och 2017 fortsätter Björn att erbjuda workshops inom Deep Listening och undervisar även på online-kursen för Deep Listening som erbjuds via RPI, Troy, NY.

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