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Ny EU-kommission - programförklaring vad gäller hälsa

2019-09-19 11:27

Den nya ordföranden i EU-kommissionen, Ursula von der Leyen, presenterade den 10 september sitt förslag till kommissionärer och vilka ansvarsområden som de ska ha. De föreslagna kandidaterna ska nu godkännas av Europarlamentet innan de kan tillträda.

Alla föreslagna kommissionärer har fått ett ”Mission Letter” i vilket von der Leyen pekar ut vilka frågor som kommissionärerna förväntas arbeta med under den kommande mandatperioden (2019-2024). Nedan återfinns den programförklaring som rör hälsa:

Protecting and promoting public health

I want you to look at ways to help ensure Europe has the supply of affordable medicines to meet its needs. In doing so, you should support the European pharmaceutical industry to ensure that it remains an innovator and world leader.

I want you to focus on the effective implementation of the new regulatory framework on medical devices to protect patients and ensure it addresses new and emerging challenges.

We need to make the most of the potential of e-health to provide high-quality healthcare and reduce inequalities.

I want you to work on the creation of a European Health Data Space to promote health-data exchange and support research on new preventive strategies, as well as on treatments, medicines, medical devices and outcomes. As part of this, you should ensure citizens have control over their own personal data.

Many of today’s epidemics are linked to the rise or return of highly infectious diseases. I want you to focus on the full implementation of the European One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance and work with our international partners to advocate for a global agreement on the use of and access to antimicrobials.

I want you to prioritise communication on vaccination, explaining the benefits and combating the myths, misconceptions and scepticism that surround the issue.

I want you to put forward Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to support Member States to improve cancer prevention and care. This should propose actions to strengthen our approach at every key stage of the disease: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, life as a cancer survivor and palliative care. There should be a close link with the research mission on cancer in the future Horizon Europe programme.