Primary care

Primary care is frequently your first contact with the care services. This is where the most common illnesses, chronic illnesses, a large percentage of children’s and old people’s illnesses, mental ill-health and substance abuse are treated.

It offers general medicine, psychiatry, gynaecology, maternity and children's care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

The primary care system also endeavours to prevent illness by means of health promoting measures, including family centres, paediatric and maternity care centres, education and information for parents and in schools.

Region Västernorrland is the principal – public and private suppliers

Region Västernorrland is the principal for medical care, and ensures that all residents in the county have access to primary care services.

Region Västernorrland is also responsible for ensuring that the primary care offered is accessible and has the correct medical quality.

Primary care in Region Västernorrland– care choice

Region Västernorrland  has introduced a care choice model in primary care, Vårdval Västernorrland. This means that you as the patient can choose the district clinic to which you want to belong.

Inhabitants aged 16 and older, can choose one of the district clinics, private and public, which have been approved by Region Västernorrland. All district clinics have to meet the same requirements.

Choose or change your district clinic.

The assignment

Primary care has to meet the needs of the population as regards basic medical treatment, care, public health and rehabilitation, when the person does not need the medical and technical resources of a hospital, or other specialist competence.

Public primary care

Primary care, Region Västernorrland

Postal address: Primärvården Västernorrland, 871 85 Härnösand 
Visiting address: Närvård Härnösand, entrance; Västra entrén, 
Södra vägen 3-5, Härnösand 
Telephone: 0611-800 00 (exchange)
Fax: 0611-840 33

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