Factor 2 means reducing our energy consumption by 50 per cent. The examples from Region Västernorrland show that Factor 2 is not a vision but perfectly possible to attain and surpass.

It started with a willingness to change...

Region Västernorrland has applied Demand-Side Management since 1995. The target is for each measure to yield an energy efficiency improvement of at least 50 %. Most of the measures taken to date have surpassed this target. A large step has been taken towards a sustainable county council.

Using snow to cool one of the hospitals reduced the need for electricity by as much as 90 per cent (Factor 10). 

When light fittings were replaced and lighting control was introduced, electricity consumption in the areas concerned fell by 67 per cent (Factor 3). 

Ventilation equipment and geothermal and river cooling have also been installed, with very good results.

Read more about our work and our experiences in our brochure (pdf, opens in new window)

Energy programme 2015-2019

Within the Region Västernorrland, energy is primarily used for heating and cooling premises,
ventilation, lighting, technical medical and IT equipment, as well as in the field
of transport. It is extremely important to use the energy as efficiently as possible and
to introduce renewable energy solutions in order to limit cost increases and reduce the
Region Västernorrlands impact on the environment and the climate. 

Region Västernorrland is employing a long-term and systematic approach in its energy rationalisation work in respect of electricity, heating and cooling in its own properties. The long-term vision for 2030 is for purchased energy consumption per unit of area in properties to have halved compared to the 1995 level – “energy factor 2”.

Region Västernorrlands properties are largely heated by means of district heating. In areas where district heating is not available, Region Västernorrland also uses its own biofuel facilities. As regards the cooling of properties, the strategy is to use “free cooling” such as cooling from snow, river and sea water, as well as cold outside air. In order actively to promote the transition towards more renewable electricity production, Region Västernorrland is investing in producing its own solar electricity during the measurement period.

Vision 2024

Region Västernorrland will have taken necessary steps along the road towards the longterm vision of energy consumption per unit of area in its properties being halved by 2030 compared to the 1995 level. Region Västernorrland will have invested in renewable energy that is produced in-house.

Goals 2019

  • Total purchased energy consumption in its own properties will be cut by 10 per cent compared to 2013, corresponding to 4.5 GWh, giving a consumption of max. 80 kWh/m2 usable floor area.
  • Total purchased heat consumption in its own properties will be cut by 15 per cent compared to 2013, corresponding to 8.5 GWh, giving a consumption of max. 93 kWh/m2 usable floor area.
  • The proportion of renewable electricity produced in-house will be at least 2 per cent of the total amount of purchased electrical energy.

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