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If you get ill

At the 1177 Vårdguiden website (1177.se) you can find information about healthcare and wellness translated into other languages.

Visit 1177.se/other-languages

If you become ill on a weekday, in the daytime

If you injure yourself, fall ill or if you need advice on a weekday, in the daytime, you can contact your nearest district health centre (hälsocentralen or vårdcentralen).

Minor emergencies can also be treated at the district health centre.

Find District Health Centres in Västernorrland - 1177.se

If you fall ill in the evening, at night or at the weekend - call 1177

If you become ill in the evening, at night or at the weekend, you should first phone the medical advice line. Call 1177.

If you fall acutely ill – Call 112

If you need immediate help, as a result of an accident or acute condition such as extreme pain in the chest or stomach, excessive bleeding, difficulty breathing, automobile accident, etc, CALL 112.

Be ready to say:

  • WHO is calling
  • WHAT has happened
  • WHERE it happened.