Regional development

Regional development involves creating prerequisites for high quality of life for the county’s citizens.

You should be able to live in a county with financial, ecological and socially sustainable development. The Regional Development department has been given this task, in collaboration with other bodies in the county, region, country and internationally.


Region Västernorrland has identified three challenges as being of particular strategic importance for growth in the county in the next few years. They are related to the long-term processes that we see are needed to renew and improve the county’s prosperity:

  • New thinking and new businesses 
  • Enriching diversity
  • A good environment

We can initiate processes, in collaboration with EC structural funds and other bodies in the county, to develop new knowledge and insights, and find the stimulus for conscious development.


Region Västernorrland collaborates with other bodies, we run our own projects, finance others’ projects and work to stimulate and support cultural activity in the county, so that all residents can enjoy a flourishing cultural life with a highly varied offering.


Region Västernorrland has financial responsibility for regional public transport and for transporting sick people.

Region Västernorrland owns a limited company, Västernorrlands Läns Trafik AB (Din Tur) together with the county’s municipalities. The company purchases plans, coordinates and markets public transport services in the county.

Region Västernorrland is a member of Norrtåg, which is a cooperative society in northern Sweden for railway traffic operation and infrastructure. Norrtåg AB is jointly owned by the four northernmost county public transport companies.


Region Västernorrland provides education in the county and is the principal of three of the county’s five Folk High Schools.

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