AIRY – Artist In Residence Västernorrland

Every year, we invite a ceramic artist, a sound artist and an author to stay at three inspiring rural locations in Region Västernorrland. All three residencies are located at Folk High Schools with arts courses.

Ceramics, sound and literature

We offer three art forms: ceramics, sound, and literature in three unique locations in the north of Sweden. We also provide accommodation, food, a grant to cover travel and other expenses, and a host at each location to support the residence artist.

Time for work and inspiration

You will get the time and space to work undisturbed. And the opportunity to  make connections and engage with the place and the people. 

Deadline and period

Deadline for applications: 20th of March.

Residence period: September – October.

We welcome applications from emerging and established artists and authors.

Residencies and application 

Find out more about our residencies and how to apply:

AIRY Ceramics

AIRY Literature

AIRY Sound Arts

We are Region Västernorrland

We strive for a good quality of life for the citizens of Västernorrland trough public health work and efficient health and medical care, and support growth, education, culture and research in our region.  

You are very welcome with your application.


Sebastian Andersson

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