Innovation checks

For companies who want to develop an innovative service or product. Grants be approved for example market research and patent and trademark protection.

Which companies would be eligible for innovation checks? 

Companies in Västernorrland who want to develop an innovation.

Some basic requirements which must be met, the company must: 

  • Conduct its business venture and create lasting employment at the company's permanent workplace in Västernorrland County
  • Assessed to be able to achieve long-term profitability
  • Not being in any financial difficulties, which will be checked via a credit report

Important prerequisites 

  • The application must be submitted prior to the investment begins -nothing may be ordered, agreed or purchased beforehand
  • The innovation, which can be a service or product, must be unique with a good level of innovation
  • The granted amount of SEK 50,000 with a level of granted funds of 45 percent. Companies can be granted a maximum of three innovation checks for the development of their innovation
  • Own work is an eligible cost and constitutes 50 percent of the total approved basis for grants, which is SEK 111,110
  • The otherwise valid requirements for sales and wages in the company and the requirement that the company may not be operated as a hobby are exempted
  • Almi administers applications for the innovation check and Västernorrland Innovation Council decides whether grants can be approved

Which investments are eligible for innovation checks?

  • Market research
  • Equipment which are required to develop the innovation
  • Initial contacts (customers, manufacturers, license)
  • Patent, design, trademark
  • Prototype
  • Drawings, calculations, design
  • Pilot test, zero series
  • Agreement, law
  • Travel expenses
  • Own work

Which investments are not supported for grants?

  • Vehicles
  • Replacement investments
  • Standard electronics such as mobile phones, computers and printers
  • Operating costs, for example rent
  • Purchase from relatives
  • Business systems and other internal development, for example accounting and payroll systems
  • Investments which follow from legal or official requirements

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