Commercial service

In order to achieve a good level of service throughout the country, there are various types of financial assistance for grocery stores and fuel stations in sparsely populated and rural areas.

Approved grants can be given to those who operate a grocery store or fuel station in sparsely populated/rural areas, as a rule only to the so-called last store. In the regional service program 2014-2020 there is information about the priorities in our county.

Regional service program for Västernorrland 2014-2020 (pdf)

The support of funds within commercial services is now divided into two parts

  1. Investment grants are applied for via the Swedish Board of Agriculture's e-service, the Rural Development Program. The County Administrative Board makes the final decision.
  2. Some applications are made via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, regional support. The region makes final decisions for:
  • Service grants
  • Special grants for operation
  • Grants for home delivery
    Service grants

Service grants can be approved in the event of temporary problems of profitability. Grants are only provided if there are special reasons and other measures have been tried, but not proven to be sufficient. If a grant is approved, applicants must draw up an action plan with measures in order to improve profitability.

Grants are approved with a maximum of SEK 250,000 per year. If applicants have a well-established range of basic service functions or from service strategic reasons are deemed significant, a grant of SEK 300,000 can be approved.

The grant is applied for one year at a time and can be portioned out to the company for a maximum of three years.

Special grants for grocery stores operating in vulnerable and exposed locations

Support can be granted to points of sale which have a versatile range of daily goods and meet the following requirements:

  • Is more than 15 km from another point of sale which carries a diverse range of daily goods. Or in an archipelago area without a fixed link to the mainland.
  • Conducted in permanent premises and is open all year round.
  • Net turnover for daily goods not exceeding SEK 11 million for the annual year.
  • As a condition of the grant, the recipient of the grant must undertake to perform a service of general economic interest. The terms are set out in the decision and consist of a range of goods to be provided and the number of hours the point of sale must keep open per week.
  • The grant is provided with a maximum of SEK 300,000, but is calculated based on the point of sale's net turnover of daily goods for the last year.

Grants for home delivery

Managed by the municipalities and the storekeeper is reimbursed by the municipality. So please contact the municipality for information about rules and possible grants in your particular municipality.
Grants for home delivery implies that the municipalities can receive grants for home delivery (carried out by the store) of daily goods to households which have long distances or lack the means to get to the store.

How to apply for grants?

The grant you apply via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth e-service "My application”

Decisions on grants for commercial services are made according to SFS 2000:284

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