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Here you’ll find information on how to apply for regional project funds. You can apply for funds if you represent a municipality, municipal business and development companies, authorities, associations or universities and colleges.

The purpose of the project funds is to promote sustainable development and growth in the county.

Things to consider prior to your application

  • Please always contact us via notice prior to submitting the application. We would like to have a dialogue with you about your business concept and budget.
  • The projects are expected to contribute to a positive impact on the climate and environment, increased equality and diversity, take advantage of digital opportunities and create vitality in our region.
  • Projects will contribute to the implementation of the regional development strategy and the regional innovation strategy for smart specialisation

Who can apply for funding of projects?

Municipalities, organisations, municipal business and development companies, authorities, associations and universities and colleges.

Project support is not provided to individuals or businesses driven companies and organizations.

Information regarding regional business support

What applies to project support?

  • Projects refer to initiatives which are well demarcated from ordinary operations.
  • The project must be demarcated in terms of time, finances and work input.
  • The project must have regional importance and scope, where preferably three municipalities must be included or participate.
  • Supporting costs which can be included in a project are, for example, costs for personnel and premises and in some cases investments.
  • Region Västernorrland can co-finance a maximum of 50 percent of the project's total costs. Other co-financing is required. Please note that project funds are paid in arrears against accrued actual costs.
  • Have in mind that an application submitted is a public document. The application with the information contained in it is public. This means that anyone is entitled to take part in what is in the application, regardless of whether the project is approved or not.
  • Applications can be submitted on an ongoing basis. Current calls for co-financing to ERDF and other Interreg programs, information can be accessed under Co-financing EU programs

Preliminary study

There is also the possibility of carrying out a preliminary study as a preparatory project on a smaller scale where you can investigate whether and how you could run a larger implementation project.

The result of the preliminary study may be that you choose to go ahead and apply for an implementation project. The preliminary study may also result in the project not being able or should be carried out. The purpose of a preliminary study can, for example, be to develop collaborations, map development needs, test ideas and prerequisites for the activities to be tested in the implementation of the project.

Apply via the e-service My application 

Apply via the electronic service My application ( An account is created there with a username and password. 

Should the e-service be down at the deadline for applications to the EU programs, you can send a copy of the application via e-mail to one of the administrators so that it has been received and entered in the diary before the application deadline. In order for us to be able to support you in the best way, please contact us early in your process, especially if you intend to apply for funding from EU programs. 

When will I get an answer?

We handle submitted applications on an ongoing basis. Applications often need to be supplemented by the applicant, which extends the period of processing. Always check that all mandatory attachments are attached with the application. It will facilitate our processing of the case. We will contact you when the submitted application is received and provide information about the responsible administrator/contact person.

If the application concerns co-financing for projects within one of the EU's Interreg programs, it will be important to have in mind that the entire process from idea to final decision can take up to six months.

The final decision on co-financing will then be sent by post or e-mail, after the preparation is complete and a decision has been made by the responsible political body. Of the decision it states, among other things, the decided amount, what percentage is co-financing, approved costs, the date for the application for payment and status reporting, as well as any other conditions for the grant. If case of an approval, you will be invited to a start-up meeting.

How does the application process work?

You can apply for regional project funds continuously throughout the year. On the other hand, the EU programs have periods of fixed decision and in order for the region to be able to co-finance these projects, the application must be submitted to the region before it is sent to the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth or another authority.

Why does Region Västernorrland finance projects? 

Region Västernorrland has responsibility for the regional development in the county and is responsible for state funds for regional growth, the so-called county grant 1:1. You can apply for funds for projects of a regional nature which are in line with the objectives of the regional development strategy (RUS). The regional development strategy constitutes the main governing document for the management of these funds.


Apply via the e-service My application (

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