How to contact us

Region Västernorrland official mailbox for e-mail is

The mailbox is monitored by the registrar at the Region Västernorrland staff in Härnösand. Incoming mail is assessed and noted in the registry as necessary. E-mail is then forwarded to an administrator.

Personal e-mail address

The special characters å, ä and ö are not used in e-mail addresses. The format for an e-mail address is

Contact information for politicians

You can find contact details for the county councillors in our elected representative file.

Politicians and our political organisation (in Swedish)


Region Västernorrland
871 85 Härnösand. 
Tel. +46 (0)611-800 00 
Fax +46 (0)611-802 00

Visiting address:

Storgatan 1, Härnösand

Digital contact paths to the Region Västernorrland

  • Send a message to the Region Västernorrlandl via our contact form on the right-hand side of the web site’s pages. You can find contact details for officers and/or politicians responsible for an area or department, on the relevant page for the department. The form pops up if you click the name.

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